22 February 2008

Out of the Archives: some cool, crazy stuff

Naughty Devil. 1997(?); pencil.

Here's some more of my art from 8 t0 12 years back (1999 to 1996). Revisiting my work is like revisiting an old photograph. Many times I remember the place I create it - studio, work , home - and my thoughts around it.

Three Pigs: One Was Bad. 1999; colored pencil.

Miniature Art. 1997; pen and ink.

Trapped: Little Sufferers. 1998; pen and pencil.

Studio Tour Bookmarks. Original B&W Drawings. 1996; pen.

You can see I'm not only attracted to "cute" -- I have a crazy, arty side to my work. It's tamed down a little as I've grown older because I've processed so much junk in my head. I'm now very comfortable with "me" and life and it's reflective in my work. :)

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