11 February 2008

Vintage Chenille & Beaded Creatures

I love things made out of chenille wires (aka pipe cleaners). My Dad was a smoker while growing up and he also enjoyed smoking a good old fashioned pipe (seems very weird to think that was normal to me and acceptable at one time) so pipe cleaners were always around me. I loved taking a few new pipe cleaners out of the package and making little tiny creatures. I wish I still had them all.

Now when I see anything made out of chenille I'm captivated. It's the same way I feel about vintage beaded creatures. I like to study them and see how they were made. Lately, I've been hunting and collecting vintage chenille and beaded creations and supplies to make my own. Here's just a few from my collection:

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theresa said...

I love chenille too! I wish I had found your shop earlier--lots of cools stuff you have here!