27 February 2008

Wednesday Etsy Favs: Fun and Bright

Liger by Absolutely Small

I've been so caught up in so many aspects of Shop 66 (and regular life) I've not been browsing much on Etsy. I usually visit my favorite shops a few times each week to see their new things. So, it's Wednesday and it's a perfect time for me to recommend some new shops and visit some old favorite shops.

Chickenpants! the coolest plush creature I've seen in a while and I'm in love. Today "Craig" Chickenpants arrived, along with a limited edition print (a new one is created each month), Louis "Poppet" and a very cute pom chicky. -AND- Visit the chicken pants animated short feature on the shop's blog!

Craig Chickenpants - hanging out on my worktable.

Louis Poppet (with the big brass eyes), pom chicky, and other Etsy friends.

Plush Garden! I've been keeping my eye on this one... might need to come to my house soon.

Matte Art

The art of Matte Stephens!! No one illustrates owls, bears, and other creatures quite like Matte! I love my owl painting I purchased last summer. In addition to selling his originals on Etsy, he also sells affordable prints.

Owl Painting - this is the original painting I own. I love it. Suburban Bear Monster print

Details Store

This UK shop is about cute stuff. For some reason I thought everyone knew about this little shop but I'm wrong! Visit this shop and find some cute. Here's some of my cute purchases:

Huey the Owl Retro Girl Pin
Snug the needle felted Seal
That's all for this week! Happy Etsy Shopping!! :)

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