11 March 2008

Day Two Crankies

I'm cranky today!! I'm uncomfortable and tired and sore. The highlight of my day was getting my mail. It included this cute little jelly creature "Grist" from Dolls for Friends! Here's their description of this little guy:

"Bee keepers the world over owe much of their success to this quiet little jelly we call Grist. Adoringly called the "bee whisperer" he's been known to triple honey production with his secret methods. Once we had the pleasure of hearing him humming a soft melody while amongst his buzzing friends. Embarrassed, he quickly hid in the hive safe out of reach. We love Grist for his calm, loving manner and you will too. And if you're lucky, he'll hum you to sleep. Buzz buzz".

1 comment:

Ann said...

I just bought a jelly from these guys at Crafty Wonderland (PDX) last Sunday.
I hope you feel better soon!