07 March 2008

From My Little Sick Bed

Once again, working from my sick bed. And my creative mind is exploding!!!! It's frustrating!! But soon I'll be back to feeling good and back to "gmoss girl super speed." So, since I'm limited to activity, all I can do today is share some photos (I'm actually even boring myself...):

More charms & plastic fun for my tins of plastic miniatures. Some vintage, some new -- all fun!!
Vintage 3-D Postcards. Awesome kitschy tacky coolness!
Retro Piggybank Party Favors.
All fun stuff for Shop 66!!! More things arrive each day! Can't wait to start adding them!

Soon, my dear friends, soon!! (about March 10th! -- start saving!!!) :)

1 comment:

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

The piggy bank is so cute! My husband just adores pigs...he loves eating them, too.