15 March 2008

Saturday Night Show and Tell: Art Excellence!

(In case you're all wondering - all my dark photos this week are from my bed or about 2' from it...if there's a will, there's a way)

Hi Shop 66 Friends! Time for Saturday Night Show and Tell!

No new "news" about me .... same old boring, boring, boring stuff... still recovering at a snails pace... it's only been five days since my surgery but it feels like 50. (I'm tired of pajamas, sick of the four corners of my bed and weary from all the television watching.) Thank God for this little break I can take online...

Here are some new favorite "art" shops:

I was extra surprised to discover that one of my favorite artists, Trish Grantham, has opened a shop on Etsy.com. She has a great website that lists her available work but it very cool to have another place to find her work and snatch it up fast!!

Hello Sweet Morning 17x8

Can you find her work on my favorite "art" wall:

Post Designer

Post Designer is Gabby and Tal from Tel Aviv. Gabby is a designer/illustrator that makes toys, shirts and prints. Tal is a jewelery designer/sculptor that creates jewelry. I just discovered these original painted ceramic plates they've been working on. Super cool!

Little Friends of Printmaking

This is not a new shop to me but a huge favorite! They are true masters of printmaking. Here's a little more about them from their profile: The Little Friends of Printmaking are J W & Melissa Buchanan, a husband-and-wife team of artists & designers based out of Milwaukee, WI. Originally trained as fine art printmakers, their dalliance in silkscreened concert posters quickly turned into a design career.

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