01 March 2008

Saturday Night Show and Tell

I worked on Shop 66 stuff most of the day from either the sofa or my bed (I adore wireless) but I did take a break or two. My first big one was a visit from the Postman - I got some packages with extra cool, wonderful stuff:

Vintage Painting (found on ebay) - What is there to say? This was made for me and fits perfect in my office.

Beatnik Duckies! Even better that they are not just Easter decor - they'll be out year round! Cheburashka Swords Game! I have a crush on this little furry guy! This little prize was bought off ebay via Japan. I can't wait to play with it.
Otter Bobblehead - Flocked and pink!! Suuuuuuuuuuuper cute!
Vintage firecracker and caps boxes! I'll be sharing most of these in my Shop. I was actually hunting on ebay for vintage match boxes for an art project, when I saw these. The boy who wouldn't eat his breakfast! This is my favorite book out of a "lot" of children's book I won on ebay. He shrinks because he skipped breakfast. All sorts of crazy things happen to him tiny....he's finally rescued by a bird that flys him home.

My other (sort of) break was watching patiently for My Paper Crane's shop update! Heidi's been teasing me with her photos of cuteness lately so I had to snatch up a few things! And I did! I got a cute bunny, a lamb head and a house on a hill plushie. I'll "show and tell" these beauties once they arrive. I do think I got the best bunny!!

Now time to get some rest! I need to get up early to prep for tomorrows first "surprise" day uploads for my Shop and I'm suppose to go to the beach for a bit!

Sweet dreams friends! :)

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andrea said...

this paiting is just priceless, looks so unique, you`re so lucky to find it. i am constantly amazed with you talent to hunt for lovely things everyhere. you do an amazing job :)