08 March 2008

Saturday Night Show & Tell: Shopping from Bed Edition

I'm window-web shopping from my sick bed. I've found some very cool things - some I will snatch up immediately and others I can only wish for!!

GMoss Girl Snatched-Up!!

Lilly and Rosey Keydolls
by Smil
Found @ Smil

Thora Sweet Madness Doll
by Follow the White Rabbit
Found @ followthewhiterabbit
Grist Plushie
by Dolls for Friends
Found @ dollsforfriends
GMoss Girl Wishes!!

Ceramic Piggy Bank
by Pernilla Jansson
Found @ Our Childrens Gorilla
Rat in Red Boots "Homely Pal"
by Maki Squarepatch
Found @ Makisquarepatch
80's Ghostie Scarf
Pacman's distant cousin...
by lulette
Found @ lulette
Series Two, Bag No. One
by Lucha Workshop
Found @ luchaworkshop Such great stuff out there!!! And I had so many others I could have added but I'd never finish... now off to read through the newest Giant Robot and then visit their shop!!! :)

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