24 March 2008

Shop 66: Back to Business!!!

I'm back to work! Today I need to organize myself and finish up a few projects and run some errands so here's just a sample of new items that will be added over the next few days:

Carton of Mushrooms

New Tins of Plastic Miniatures and Charms. This is just a start... more coming. Shop 66: Sixty-six Babies Tin (yes, there's 66 babies in each tin) Flat Color Themed Tin "Deer Love" Tin - packed with cute deer things (will also include deer pinback buttons and magnets). There's also a mushroom version.
Enjoy your day! :)


Anonymous said...

Would you please send me 13,000 of your very cutest things. I love everything and especially you.
Your Mother

Anonymous said...