03 March 2008

Shop 66 Buttons

My friends, I'm so super behind today. I should have more than 1/2 my shipping done. However, pain and fatigue hit me hard about two hours ago. And I've only just started printing out labels. I'm just now only logging in to check messages and stuff.

I'm sure how I feel is a message from my body to let me know I'm working to hard - I've been pushing myself to see how I could handle Shop 66 if I increased it's volume of listings. I succeeded...but now I must slow down a bit. After all, I now have 100 items to pack and ship. I love sending package to you! I really do. I want it to be an experience. So I was working very diligently this morning on new buttons for my shop goodie bags! I think they turned out super cute and I hope you all enjoy! But now it's time to take a rest (or nap) so I can get back to shipping... :D

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