05 March 2008

Shop 66 Love

Yes, it's true! Shop 66 = love for you. (so corny). But when I'm looking for things I think of this formula. I could just put any old thing in my Shop like a garage/rummage sale and also keep all the best stuff for myself but that's not what my shop is about. It's not just your typical vintage shop either. I have particular "cool and fun" standards for what goes into it. It has to be things you want and love. Last week I concentrated on finding Kewpies and other similar dollies! Mission accomplished.

Today, I am sooooo super sick I'm typing this almost lying down in bed. Monday morning at 10:00 am I will have my "lady business" outpatient surgery. I need the relief so I'm looking forward to that day. All I can say is this pain is comparable to kidney stone or infection ache (I frequently have kidney stones!).

Thank you for all the Shop 66 love!! If you didn't know this already, my shop was my husband's dream for me - to have my (our) own shop! We talked about it all that summer before he died. So every little thing you purchase makes my heart happy and comes to you with special meaning.

That's all I can post for today! See you tomorrow!! :)

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Mitzi said...

Hi there, got your friend request over on the Etsy Vintage community, I love your shop and your blog! Such cute and unique stuff - no wonder you have had so many sales! I added your blog to my list, I'll be back soon! Mitzi