09 March 2008

Spring Ahead

It was "spring ahead" an hour last night! I've been so sick I did not figure it out until noon today. Silly me! I lost one hour! Ick! One hour closer to my fun surgery tomorrow morning. I'm super busy packing up the few Shop 66 orders I have left to send off in the mail, washing my favorite comfy clothes and bedding and organizing other things before I'm incapacitated for a few days.

So there's no time for my "surprise Sunday" uploads today. And I'm not up to it anyway. I'm so, so sorry my friends -- you will just have to wait until I'm back to my old self for all the surprises!

This is my last entry for a bit -- I'll post a progress entry late tomorrow night to let you all know how I'm doing!!! Have a super "Springy" Sunday!! :)

1 comment:

superminx said...

Hope your procedure goes well, Gretchen and you're fighting fit again soon. It's rotten being unwell, especially when you're full of inspiration and a desire to do stuff. Andi.