26 April 2008

Always Arty Me

I'm still rebelling from work and my shop today...I'm feeling very burnt out and that's not good when you're a creative person. However, I'm still up for a blog post.

From the moment I could dress myself I've always been an arty girl -- I wore cool denim overalls covered with appliques and patches, boots and a "cheesey" mouse hat at four years old -- just one of the hundreds of other outfits and accessories I can remember. As I was sorting through some digital photos yesterday I saw these two photos and remember more about what I was wearing than the moment.

The first photo below is me in 1990 wearing a favorite t-shirt I bought in a boutique in Irvine, California. You can't see it very well but it has a graphic of a primative man - very Jean Debuffet style. I wore it until it wore out and I still have it in a box in storage. The second photo is from around the same time - a quick polaroid shot of me wearing an awesome eighties-ish striped shirt and some favorite earrings - laminated art.

Above is a photo of many of the arty jewelry pieces I've collected the past few years and there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not wearing some piece of arty jewelry, t-shirt or bag. That's me "always arty." Happy Sunday! :)

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mandy said...

you are a WILD child. hehehhe. so glad to see moi and lynda stuff in your collection!