14 April 2008

Shop 66: Personal Collection Cabinets - Part 1

You have all seen numerous photos of my doll cabinets but not my other cabinets. So the next couple of weeks I plan to share my other cool collections with you.

I begin with my front room cabinet -- it's also a favorite piece of furniture; a Bali antique -- it has books (art, design, children's, and vintage), my boyfriend's vintage Snoopy collection, my modern Kokeshi doll collection, favorite issues of art and design magazines, handmade and wood animals and birds, and art. You can see there is plenty of space in this cabinet - I call it a work in progress. Just today I added the cute little wood horse below. Can you believe I actually have places to add more stuff?

Visit Shop 66 tomorrow because late tonight I'm adding lots of vintage shakers and other surprises. And yes, yes, yes!!!...tomorrow night I will be having Tuesday Doll Night! :)

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