18 April 2008

Day of Rest for Me!

Today I'm taking it slow because I'm a little tired from working late nights (or in some cases - all night). I've been working hard on new items for the shop and creating art (yes, it's true) so I need rest today. I'm watching some movies (Juno, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, There Will Be Blood) and hanging out on my sofa . I think my boyfriend and I will take a short motorcycle ride later. Nothing like it - clears the mind.

Once again, I have about 100 things to ship from this past week and I'm a few days behind so please contact me if you're wondering on the status of your package. I'm very good about checking off the "shipped" box on your order status so check there also. 100 more thank you's!!!!!! I love all my Shop 66 friends!

The photos are of my newest collection additions: a vintage ceramic big-eyes pony from Japan and a super cute wood dollies from Finland. They make me smile!! :)

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