15 April 2008

Just a few Moppets and friends tonight...

I was not as prepared for doll night as I wanted to be so there's just a few dollies tonight. However, next week they'll be a lot more as I'm receiving some new collection additions this week from Japan and I'll need to clean of my existing dolls out (poor dollies...). I'll have more bendy pose dollies, moppets, and Holiday Fair dolls.

I've been working hard trying to add more and more things to the Shop but sometimes they're snatched up so fast it seems like nothing has been added!! Well, I'm tired - it's been a long day...shipping, shipping, shipping...that's been the past two days! All for my Shop 66 friends!! :D

1 comment:

superminx said...

I put that little red beret doll in my shopping cart and pressed checkout but it was sold... missed it by 3 seconds wah!