21 April 2008

Monday Madness: Shipping... more shipping... mail!

Here I am, on the sofa, taking over my living room... packing orders!!! I started at 1:00 pm and now it's almost 9:00 pm. It's my own fault -- I got way, way behind in shipping the past few days and so I'm paying for it today (and tomorrow)! That's me work, work, work and then crash and burn. And start all over again. More than just Monday madness... creative madness!!!

Earlier, I took a break when I receive my own packages! (I love Monday mail!!) Besides the cute dolly posing above, I received my package from Puchi Collective! Two dolly tees and a very cool dolly cutting board. The board will be used in my studio on my worktable to protect it from projects. I love it!! I also received lots of art and craft supplies I ordered to continue on the handmade things I'm making for Shop 66. And some other great items for the shop and a few magical wonderful surprises from friends (Thank you Natalie! Thank you Claire! Thank you Kim!).

So back to shipping!!!! All the little ones are finished, most are already on their way, and the big orders go out tomorrow! Yeah! Because that means I can start all over reloading the shop. Remember it's doll night tomorrow... time for me to spread dolly happiness all over the world! And for those US shoppers who are not ready for Mother's Day, I also have a few items I'll be listing: Tea bag holders, vintage Mother's Day plates, more vintage shakers, and chenille mommies and babies.

See you all tomorrow!!!!

Here's photos of my Puchi Collective stuff:

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superminx said...

I hope you can save a special dolly for me.. I'm always at work when you start uploading :-)