10 April 2008

Road Trip today.... Shop stuff tomorrow.

It was a long day! I had to take a short road trip with my boyfriend to Savannah, Georgia to pick up his motorcycle after it had it's first 1,000 mile checkup. It's always a long day for me when you spend it around a bunch of gearhead dudes talking motorcycles and engines...fortunately it was a very nice day! It was also nice for me to get off my little island.

Now that I have that off my checklist, I'm geared up to add a whole lot of items to my Shop. I want to try to get up to 100 items by Friday night. Not because 100 is some magic number but because I know I have 100 items I'm dying to share with you all!!

Soooooo, keep visiting the shop all weekend. I'm determined to keep adding and adding. :)

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