01 May 2008

Doll Time! Shop Banner Update! New Items! Sale!

Hello Thursday!! I'm almost back on track with life since losing my precious ferret, April, on Monday. Here's just an update on what's going on:

* Tonight & tomorrow is Doll Night: 10:00 pm & 10:00 am EST.
*See my fresh new background @ my Shop! (above) Blog to be updated soon also! (I'm still tweaking it - though I shouldn't - I can't help myself)
*New items will added later today and tomorrow.
*The shop was cleaned out a little this morning, now several items are on sale!
*I'm only a tiny behind on shipping this week - but still behind. Please contact me if you have concern about a package you are waiting on.

See you all later!! I've got lots to do. :)


boopsiedaisy said...

I love how often you blog & only wish I could motivate myself to do so as often! :) You always sound so chipper, even when under the weather or extreme 'hecticness' ensues. It's inspiring & adds spring to my step just to come here - or to visit your beautiful stream. Off to catch up now on your other lovely posts.

I don't think with the amount of items that fly off the shelves of your shop that you will ever truly be caught up on shipping, heh heh, but make sure you take a breather every once in a while, my dear! xo

boopsiedaisy said...

P.S. A big smack in the face for me for neglecting to acknowledge your heartbreaking loss this week. Sending healing hugs & vibes. I'm sure your sweet, comforting face was the last thing in her little ferret mind the second she passed.