30 May 2008

Friday Browsing and stuff

I'm staying in and working on stuff tonight. As usual I'm searching for dolls and stuff on Yahoo Japan while periodically checking on Shop 66. And at the same time I'm planning in my head where I'll go when I visit Denver in two weeks (for my Mom's wedding!). It's been three years since my last visit (I lived there seven years, 93' to 00') so I'm making a list:

#1 Denver Art Museum New Building by Daniel Libeskind!! On my last visit it was in progress. Can't wait to see it finished and go inside.

#2 Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys. It has a very cool Kokeshi and Japanese doll collection. If I remember correctly, I think they have a couple of pose dolls! (It's been at least eight years since my last visit.)

#3 Taki's. My favorite Japanese restaurant. Taki makes the best Ginger Miso soup. There's nothing like it - it can cure any ailment and make you feel revitalized. On my last visit Taki gave me a whole container of his secret ginger miso base to take home. He was so touched that Taki's is always my first stop when I visit Denver.

#4 Pirate Art Gallery. My favorite art gallery (and a place where my art has hung). One of my favorite Denver artist's, Phil Bender, is having an art opening the weekend I visit. He even has a piece of my art in his house.

So that's what I have so far. I'm sure I'll squeeze in some other places to visit while I'm there! I have to come home with a new doll too.

My other activities this evening includes some Etsy shopping. I bought the kitschy big-eyed doll above from Shabby Vintage Home and the cute little matchbook art below from Be Happy Now .

Now it's time to get some Zzzzzzzzzzzzz's. Tomorrow I need to add things to Shop 66 and work on some other important things. Sweet dreams! :D

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andrea said...

i love miso soup and ginger but never had a ginger miso soup ! sounds delicious :)

and i love these two shops you've pointed out on etsy. the're really cool and ship international :)

have a great weekend