14 May 2008

It Makes Me Happy!

When I've hear that your Shop 66 experience has made you happy - it makes me happy! It might take me a little bit longer to send your package some times but it's all because of the time and care I put in to each package (and lately I've been wrapping and packaging over 100 items a week).

Tonight I'm taking some time to relax a little -- tomorrow night is Shop 66 Doll Night!! And I have lots of personal stuff to do tomorrow in addition to all my shop responsibilities. See you tomorrow!! :)

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Folksie Linda said...

Hi Gretchen, I received my box today and was thrilled... those little wooden miniatures were even cuter in person..they were adorable and i am in love! I was so excited to get my box and was very pleased with everything i purchased. Thanks so much for having such a great shop on Etsy!