19 May 2008

New Items coming...

Since last week was a quieter week for me, lots of new items will be added to the shop(s) all week. Tonight I'll upload new items to Shop 66 Jewelry and tomorrow I'll start adding things to Shop 66.

I'm sure you noticed all the Shop 66 packaged items lately and more will be coming. You see, in addition to my art background, I have 20 years of professional experience in presentations and marketing for the design services industry so it's always in me to "present" things in new and creative ways. In addition, I have a personal interest in packaging design. See all my recent Shop 66 stuff in the following flickr set: Art, Design and Packaging.

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CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Your ideas would be a great asset to the TeamSC. I know you're super busy but please think about joining us!