02 May 2008

This Doll Time!

Hello, Shop 66 dolly friends! If you are planning to snatch up lovely pose dolls from Shop 66 this next hour, I'm so sad to tell you there will be only one, maybe two to watch for. However, I will be adding doll things all day and throughout the weekend - doll heads, doll house miniatures, doll house accessories and even a few vintage Kokeshi dollies!!!

Why not more pose dollies today?? Because I now have a crowd of dolls all waiting for their new homes! If you are a pose doll collector, you know the shipping situation I'm faced with this weekend -- these dollies require special size boxes.

Take care and have a lovely Friday!! :)

1 comment:

boopsiedaisy said...

P.S. I love your shops labels! They are cute beyond belief. If only all products on shelves looked as sweet! :)