10 May 2008

You might think it's fun...but it's not!

Doll drama days!! You might think it's fun....but it's not! I've been working for half the day on reorganizing my existing dolls, adding the new ones, and deciding which dolls become orphans. Oh, the responsibilities of a doll collector! (Let me warn you -- next week's doll night will be a good one!)

I've got lots of other cool new items for my Shop and will start listing them later tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. Just in time to treat yourself on Mother's Day! Now back to my doll sorting.... :)

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Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Hey, hey, I'm stepping up ... got my blog account and ready to comment away ...
Soo dear all your dolls are! All your pictures are eye candy!! It reminds me of my favorites stores that I swear I could just circle for hours and during each lap something new/differnt would catch my eye!! LOVE IT!