13 June 2008

Day One Places: Denver Art Museum and Taki's

Our first stop was Taki's - Healthy Japanese Food - restaurant. Here is Samantha (my daughter) and her boyfriend, Jeff, smiling over the delicious food. Shop 66 Pup wanted some tempura.
We then walked to the Denver Art Museum - here it is.
Very cool.
I've always loved this red steel scuplture.
Quiet please!
We saw some crazy, cool stuff.

Here is Samantha taking a photo of the little pup with her new mini Leica camera.

We stopped and made some art in the hands-on area.
I couldn't resist drawing a picture of my little pup!
Tomorrow is my Mom's wedding - stop by Shop 66 blog tomorrow night to see some awesome photos!! Nighty, night! :D

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andrea said...

i love the set of travel pics and seeing you and Pup66 all around these coll places Denver! did you had the famous ginger miso soup ?? hope you enjoy the wedding, ta-da ^_____^