04 June 2008

Hanging out on the porch...

Since my boyfriend and I work at home we've had to adjust to the non-existent boundaries of home and work. We've figured out it helps our stress levels to have small get away places around the house. Our porch is one of them. I bought a table, chairs and a rug at World Market last week and he power washed the porch yesterday -- it looks like it had an instant makeover. Now we just need to add a few more "comfort" items - like plants, a string of lights, etc.

Lots and lots of things will be added to the shop tonight. I'd love to start adding things now but I've got to stick to shipping and other responsibilities. So check out Shop 66 after 10:00 pm (EST). There just might be some surprise listings!

Take care! :D

1 comment:

boopsiedaisy said...

Oooooh, I would LOVE to be able to sit there & sip my coffee in the mornings! It looks like you live in such a beautiful home & area. Well done with the getaway spot, Gretchen. Looks so tidy & inviting!