27 June 2008

Little Island Boy!

One of the fun things about being a "Pose" doll collector is seeking out different styles and types of dolls. This little "Island Boy" - as I call him - has been on my wish list for a while. Wonderful Changoblanco, and Shop 66 friend, pointed him out to me on Ebay. Now I need to seek out a little chenille monkey to put in that palm tree!

Doll night had a lot of "so-so" and "as-is" dolls this week. Forgive me! I'm still trying to get caught on things around my office. I can finally see the floor again (it filled up a little by my boyfriend while on vacation - he was protecting things from ferrets). And I'm back working at my desk (and not other places around my house). Next week's doll night will feature lots of "bendy" style pose dolls. I have lots of these wonderful dollies that need adoption and safe keeping from my ferrets. Ferrets dream of sticking their fangs in doll faces and my bendy dollies that do not fit in my cabinets or high places are vulnerable.

Look for new items to start appearing in Shop 66 Friday night! Sweet dreams! :)

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