11 June 2008

Packing Fun

I'm busy trying to finish up packing so I can relax, take a break, then get back to prepare a few more Shop 66 orders. Anyway, packing is kind of a nightmare for me because I would rather have my whole closet on wheels. I'm a person that does not decide what they want to wear ahead of time - it's all about my mood. What I wear is a reflection of how I'm feeling. Monday I went and bought a HUGE suitcase to fit lots and lots of choices. My other nightmare was choosing the perfect dress for the wedding. I have a first choice (see photo) and two alternates (plus three different pairs of shoes). I wonder which one I'll end up wearing?

Well, I'm off to the airport at 5:30 am. It will take all morning - I have a layover because planes do not fly from Savannah to Denver. Unheard of. I have to fly to Dallas/Fort Worth airport and then hop on another plane to Denver. That's unheard of also - me having to do that. I'm a "non-stop" type of flyer. Get me seated by the window, let me turn on my Ipod, and I'll make my own imaginary space until we land.

Take care! I'll be reporting on my trip very soon!! :D

The Dress

My office today - thought it was a big mess but I think it's my head - it really does not look so bad? Little wood bunnies in a cute vintage tin -- arrived in today's mail!

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cindy said...

holy cow..i really want want want need that rounded red doll on top of your office cabinet. mrow!