05 June 2008


Harsh reality slaps me in the face unexpectedly often. And the sting hurts no matter how many times I've felt it. An hour ago, I received a call with sad news about my brother in-law, Ron (my deceased husband's only brother and sibling), that his fight with cancer is almost over. He will probably pass away the next couple of days. Even today. Part of me is shaken and the other part of me is forcing me to focus on other stuff until I receive the call.

Shop 66 will be open but new items will be minimal if I have to leave town abruptly. I will fly to Detroit for the funeral at some point. And at the same time I'm scheduled to leave town next Thursday for my Mother's wedding in Denver. But that's another event and another thing all together. Right now, I'm focusing on each hour until things change.

Soon, Ron, will be buried with his brother and father. He turned 50 last week. We buried his brother less than four years ago on his 41st birthday. It is sad and it hurts. But know this, these men lived each day like it was their last. Though Ron will be gone, he will still be my "angel" as I've referred to him the last few years. He's been the great protective big brother to me -- part of him will always be with me.



ismoyo said...

Lady, so sorry to hear you're going through sad times. Sending you thoughts filled with strength and hugs. Maybe try and get some sleep. It passes time and by your other post, it sounds like you could use some rest anyways. Don't worry about your shop and your blog, just take care of yourself and your loved ones.

gmoss said...

Thank you. I'm OK. My family is strong and we knew this would happen soon and we've been through so much together. g.

Folksie Linda said...

I am so so sorry Gretchen, you indeed have had some hard times.. Life can be very hard sometimes.we have to focus on what we have always. and they are always with us no matter what! sending you loads of hugs!!