28 July 2008

Beatrix Potter's Birthday!!

Today is one of my favorite all time children's book authors birthdays - Beatrix Potter!! I adore Beatrix Potter. Part of who I am is because I grew up reading her wonderful animal stories. This includes my desire to collect little miniature animals in clothing, create my own little animal stories, and even how I interact with my pets.

Here's some things I found today that celebrate Ms. Potter's Peter Rabbit:

Here are the links to these creations:

Felted Peter Rabbit by LittleElfsToyshop

Peter Cotton Candy Tail by Boopsie Daisy

Peter Rabbit Bracelet by Twisted Trinkets

1 comment:

boopsiedaisy said...

You are too much, Gretchen, (hugs the crap out of you) & I think that *somewhere*, Beatrix Potter's smiling. :)