18 July 2008

Handmade Doll Wishlist!

I've been struggling all week with pain and the fatigue that comes from it so last night I spent an hour or two browsing Etsy.com finding cute handmade dolls. And now I have a very long wishlist of super cute, amazing dolls. The above collage is just some of my favorites.

Here's a list of the shops where you can find them:

Emilie Friday – Polka Dot Girls
The Fab Miss B – Chenille/Bead Dancer Dolls
Oliviaew (Felt Like Crying) – Black Cat Doll
Peachpit – Panda Girl
Chickabiddybaby – Sock Baby Dolls
The Shadow Cat – Mousie Mouse Doll
Dmollison – Sock Dollies
Rainbow Box – Garden Doll
Enna Design Shop - Felt Dolls and Cottages

Check back later for Shop news and other stuff!


JoJoBell said...

These are soo cute!

Folksie Linda said...

It was fun seeing your wishlist..all the cute dolls out there!! I like how you do this on your blog Gretchen..it's fun!