29 July 2008

Peaceful Day

I had a nice peaceful day. Though I was going to try and not work, I did anyway, Shop 66 actually calms me. After I got home from errands and the post office (and recovered from the umbrella bite on my finger - ouch!), I created some cute tiny stationery (in the photo above). As soon as I've perfected on the set and packaging, I'll add sets to Shop 66. Look for the listing tomorrow evening.

I've just pulled out the other items I'll be listing! Lots more surprises!

Yes, there is a doll night this week!! I need the room and extra dollars for more Shop 66 goodies! I'll announce the time Thursday morning. :) g.


Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

I gather it was a raining day (umbrella bite) ... I love raining days they can be quite sad yet so beautiful! Happy to hear Shop 66 is calming!

LOVE the stationery!! Thanks for all you share with the world! I am sure Don is soo proud!!

Take care!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

You really shouldn't be out while it's lightning! That storm got a bit scary. The previous days, too.

And I am a stationery addict! I still send handwritten letters!