01 July 2008

Welcome July!

Wow-ee!! It's July!! Time for fireworks, barbecues, boating, and sun! I like July!

It's also time for me to do some inventory review for Shop 66. I'm making progress - I've been moving things around between my office and studio to be more organized. I'm planning on adding new items Thursday, July 3! It's a three day holiday weekend for the US - celebrating July 4th "Independence Day" - but Shop 66 will still be open so I'm hoping to add things all weekend.

I can see the floor again!

Then inventory mountain. New Dream Pet! Minty Striped Tiger (his cousin is available @ Shop 66 - this one's mine)
Striped Cats Buddy (this one's mine too!) - he's holding an umbrella!?!
See you all tomorrow! Have a nice evening! Take care!


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CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

A black cat holding an umbrella. Hope he doesn't open it inside or he'll have double the bad luck! :P