07 August 2008


This little piggy is hot!!! Our air conditioning just broke again for the second time in a couple months!!!! It was 102 degrees in South Carolina today so it's not a good time for it to not work right!! My house is creeping up in the 80's right now. Soooooooo I'm a little behind taking photos of the new items for Shop 66. (Hot lights are not something I want to deal with right now.) As soon as it's repaired tomorrow, the additions to the shop will speed up! In the meantime, stay cool!! Nighty night! :)

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CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Our heating/air unit is only 4 years old. The old one died soon after we bought our house. Gee! Isn't that how it always works?!
Well, hopefully yours and ours will get fixed, soon.
In the meantime, try not to think of the heat index being 108!