21 August 2008


Yes, the storm that wouldn't budge is now moving super slow north and now more of it will drench the tip of South Carolina. Fay is headed my way...and hopefully it will not be any worse than it is right now. Even it gets crazy, I'm safe - I live in the middle of an island in a cluster of islands and it's inland several islands deep.

Look for dollies in Shop 66 later. Tomorrow I'll add some other items, vintage and handmade. And I promise to make some more rings. My cute girl rings as well as my pose doll rings sell out fast - just like the dollies! :)


superminx said...

hope everything is a-ok out your way. Good to see your posey dressed for the weather - is that original? Stay safe. xxx andi.

Gretchen said...

I'm Ok - storm almost gone. That's an original Holiday Fair pose doll - original outfit. Minty! She's been in my collection for almost a year but that's her first "portrait".