10 August 2008

Sunday Funday WIP

Sunday is my day for creativity and organization. Here's just a peek at what I was working on.

Set #2 of Shrinky Dink Dollies: Vintage Paper Dollies

All the shrinky dink dollies waiting to be baked/shrunk... looks like a little factory. A new shrinky dink doll - hoping to make into a pin or charm.
My first Shop 66 "zine" featuring Pup 66: Day @ the Museum.

Tomorrow is shipping and Shop 66 business!! ;) Nighty night!

1 comment:

Ginger said...

Hi, Love your little dolls. The dolls on the little red stand gave me an idea...As a grandma and having a granddaughter who does not live close to family thought it would be fun to shrink pictures of her family and then she could pretend and play with her family far, far away. Where do you get the little stands? Thanks...ginger