03 August 2008

Sunday Funday

Today's drama in my little world was dropping my laptop after tripping over my own two feet and it landing on our hardwood floors. And it cracked and obviously it's ok because I'm typing this right now. In the background Norton is doing a full backup. Before that I copied all my files to my plug-in archival storage. OMG! That was scary! So my advice is to go back up your files now. I have a very dear friend who recently lost all her precious photos and art and she was devastated.

I'm yet to pick up my adoptee ferret, Jenny, her foster family would like to keep her a few more days. Meanwhile, Milo had to have a tick removed from his ear yesterday at the vet hospital and Meiko ate something that made her vomit all over her little bed this morning. So I have enough ferret drama going on - it's good my new baby is not here yet!

As I was archiving my files I found the awesome Don and Ron Moss photo (above)! One of my all time favorites. This photo is from the early 1970's in Detroit. They both look so cool - because they both were so cool. Enjoy the photo.

I woke up early this morning to put away last months doll additions. I have lots of work to do this evening and all day tomorrow so I needed to make sure my office is not disorganized. I've fit all the new dolls and other stuff in their places and now I am just playing before I put in two 12+ hour Shop 66 days!

Look for new items to arrive in Shop 66 tomorrow night 8:00 pm EST!! Lots of things to debut! Have a nice Sunday evening!!

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