03 September 2008

Creativity in the midst of chaos.

Lately, the minute life's chaos tries to break through my little Shop 66 world, I jump into a creative mode. Nothing is going to stop my Shop 66 mission! As Tropical Storm Hanna approaches my region, I refuse to stop and stress (though I did have a brief meltdown for a bit last night). This morning I finished a project I've had stewing in my brain for months. I collect "1966" anything including high school yearbooks. I've wanted to cut up and play with for a while. So I created magnets in sets for four with awesome teenager photos. Check out my shop for a set. Currently, I have only five sets but plan to make some more including pinback buttons. Enjoy the amusing HS magnets!!

(FYI Storm update: Now it looks like it's just a tropical storm and we'll just get bands of rain and wind on Thursday night and Friday morning. Cross your fingers I have no power outages!!) :)


boopsiedaisy said...

As I have already expressed to you, honey, these are just so funny & brilliant. Who wouldn't smile, seeing these dorky circular gems upon their fridge?

P.S. Shop's pretty quiet today and I'm just PRAYING it's not because of weather issues.

Thinkin' of you, as always. xox

boopsiedaisy said...

P.S.S. I love your handwriting! :)