02 October 2008


Fall brings on a range of emotions unlike other months. Something about falling leaves, short days and change of temperature that brings it on. Today I'm missing my family. To cheer me up - here's some fun photos.

My childhood family, 1968. (I'm the curly top girl in the front.) Family and extended family, 1970. (I'm the girl holding the bear and gingerbread man.)
Halloween (from left to right - Jenny, Dad, Katie, Scott and me - I'm the little yellow cat), 1970.
My family (from left to right: Erik, Samantha, Don, Me and Ryan) - having a kooky western moment in Golden, Colorado (see below for another), 1994.
My family, 1991 - our first silly western photo.
To all my family - all over the USA, reading this, I miss you and love you all. xoxo


Anonymous said...

love you mom

boopsiedaisy said...

Every single one of these is just SO special & intriguing! I can never get over what a looker your husband was... also? I feel I could spot you ina photo in a heartbeat! Something about your face just stands out. That 'vintage' Halloween piccie is my fave! So very nostalgic & cool! Thanks for the smiles!

Folksie Linda said...

Enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your family..wonderful memories you have made together..those you can cherish forever! So sweet!