05 October 2008

My Recent Finds

I primarily shop for Shop 66 but occasionally I can't help myself! I find things I have to add to my collection. Below are just some of my fantastic recent finds.

All items found at the following Etsy shops: REdesignskc; ingie; AllsFairy; boopsiedaisy; ggsdolls; and kitschandcurious.


Folksie Linda said...

Everything you got is adorable..great finds.. i got a little witch too from Boopsie daisy Mart..couldn't resist! We will have sisters! Love when you do this and we get to see other peoples things! Thanks Gretchen!

Elaine said...

Lovely cute things! (and thanks for the credit). Obviously I love the pose dolly, but I'm also very drawn to that lovely fluffy bunny baby - so sweet!