09 November 2008

Sunday Funday Finds

Though I'm on a tight collecting budget right now, I had to satisfy my collecting itch today. Look what I got for under $20.00 (USD) total.

A Pretty Girl and Her Friends Zine, only $4.00 USD by Reyney (Shoeflower)

I've been wanting to make some fabric buttons lately so I purchased this "Buttons to Cover Kit", only $3.00 USD from Tobysmom Once again, lovely Robin from Alls Fairy dolls had more fabulous doll making books (I've bought so many...) but this time they were in her new vintage shop "Alls Fairy Vintage." For just $5.00 USD I bought this collection of books (and crafting material) titled "Vintage Dream Dolls Bundle." How could I pass that up?

1 comment:

Renee said...

Thank you so much! I don't believe there is mail tomorrow - so it'll mail Wednesday!

Love the dream doll books - I think I have one of them. So sweet!