21 November 2008

Vegetable Puppets

In my puppet storybook quest, I discovered a fanstastic, kitschy series I did not know existed - the "Vegetable Puppets Series" by the same creators of the puppet storybooks, Froebel-kan Co., Ltd. Japan. This late seventies series has eight titles: 1) Outdoor Fun; 2) Guess What I Am; 3) On a Sunday Afternoon; 4) What Do You Think; 5) Just a Minute; 6)On and Around the Snow; 7) Here Comes a Circus; and, 8) We Live in the Country. So far I have five titles, though two are slightly damaged. Enjoy some of my favorite photos!

1 comment:

superminx said...

I'm pretty sure I had one of those as a kid ... That carrot looks mighty familiar. I just posted some pics from a cookbook that are kind of like this on my blog. Hope you are well. XX Andi