05 December 2008

66 Stamps: Number Five

Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
I'm feeling SUPER sick today so I'm here on the sofa creating more 66 Stamps with photoshop and my toys.

I received a huge box of roly poly's today. Since several will be shared in Shop 66, I needed to capture their last group photo. I'm hoping to add them to the shop tonight or tomorrow morning.


boopsiedaisy said...

Every time I see this, a smile takes over my whole face! :)

P.s. And then everytime I read that you're not feeling good, the smile goes away.

xox Oh Gretch. :(

gmoss said...

So sick this evening I can only be online for about 10 minutes at at time. Think this antibiotic dose is working over time to get my infection out of my kidneys. Hopefully, this means I'll be well very soon.