14 December 2008

Dolly and Fawn

Dolly and Fawn
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I'm having a down day so I'm "playing" a bit before I dive into Shop 66 work.

I can't help myself but be distracted during the holidays. I have to say it...(because I'm consumed with it) I miss my dear Don (my late husband) a lot. His spirit and attitude was Christmassy EVERY day of the year. I miss him the most in December - especially on Sundays.

So I'm doing things that make me feel good... like playing with my dolls. :)


Carm said...

Absolutely. Do the things that make you feel good. Every day.

I'm really enjoying your blog--today's image put a smile on my face. And by the way, you SHOULD do still photos like that often. It's wonderful!

Folksie Linda said...

Yes it is wonderful and believe me.. i totally understand how you feel!