16 December 2008


There are no flurries down here in South Carolina - I live in what they call the "lowcountry" - so I created my own (with the help of Photoshop and Picnik). Though living in the bitter cold and snow was hard on the routine of daily life, I really do miss it this time of year.

(Look for this photo and my other pose doll photos available for purchase in my shop very soon.)


Carm said...

This is great!

I've been surviving some bitter North Dakota cold this weekend, yikes! I think South Carolina sounds pretty good!

Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Gretchen!!! This is beautiful!! Just like your other pics!! So excited to hear that they may be availble at your shop soon! You are soo talented!
P.S. We have TONS of flurries here, and I would package and send you some if it would survive the shipment!! Later!