03 December 2008

Just when I thought...

I was well (at least I thought)... but I'm not (again...) - I'm sick! I'm under the weather as they say. So I'm trying to slow down Shop 66 a bit while I get better and create new things and organize all the new vintage finds that have arrived for the shop. I will still try to add a few things each night but not more than 3 or 4 until I'm back on my feet. I drew the above little sad - little red riding hood - dolly face to express how I'm feeling.

(I return to the doc's tomorrow for another round of antibotics to fight this UTI/bladder/kidney infection thing... if you did not hear, I had an infection for weeks - months - I did know I had... I just thought I was overtired and stressed - same old stuff... the infection caught me by surprise. That's life...)

1 comment:

Mitzi said...

Please take care of yourself - hope you feel better soon! :)