19 December 2008

My 2008 Tree

2008 Tree
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Finally finished adding all the ornaments to my tree! I think this year it took me the longest - 2+ weeks.

I'm still not really on my feet. (I've been out of the house only six days since December 1. George has been my postal delivery man most of the month.)

This past Monday, I was lucky to attend the local art association's annual Christmas luncheon with George's mom (and lots of older interesting women) in a fantastic historic southern house downtown Beaufort. I'd say the little bit I've been out has all been quality time so it's not been so hard.

I will be adding some new additions to the Shop tonight and all weekend (if you saw my flickr photo of my recent found treasures you'll be sure to visit).

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Goodbye Eden's Eve said...

Holy CHRISTMAS!! Your tree is amazing!! I especially love the picture with its lights on!! If you don't mind me saying, it is quite magical!!!
Hope you have a fantastic holiday!! Sending you many get well wishes!