10 December 2008

New Things Around the Doll Room

I'm so-so and super sick of being sick but life and Shop 66 still goes on....I need to WORK!! Here's some photos of some dolls that arrived in the mail the past few days (Olivia and OOdle; a dolly in a shoe; and Betty Blossom). Tomorrow throughout the day I'm (hoping) to add lots of new things to the Shop. I'm way behind where I want and should be this week (and this is not the time of year for it) so I'm pushing myself tomorrow to work harder. Ugh...

-and- FYI...now until the end of the year - all orders will receive a Happy Holidays gift!! Just a little something in addition to my usual Shop 66 "treat bag". This is not to get you to buy things....this is a big THANK YOU for all the support this year (I will most likely still be sending my Shop 66 friends extras throughout January)!! 2008 was a super, super hard year for me and Shop 66 was a light for me during the hard days. I truly appreciate the kindness, words, thoughts and support.

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