21 December 2008

Sunday Funday

I've got lots to share (that's what makes it "Sunday Funday"):

Introducing Shop 66 "Kitschy Stickers" - Animals Edition. Five handcut stickers featuring five favorite Shop 66 animals including Pup 66. They will appear in Shop 66 as soon as I take some photos. Another edition will also appear this week - kitschy doll heads.

Here is today's Doll of the Day: Winter. Watch for the link for my new blog page "Shop 66: Doll of the Day". The page has been created but not formatted.

Watch for shop additions... I've been distracted with domestic chores, Holiday stuff and creating so the additions are slowly appearing.


Andy and Colleen said...

Oh my! I love the stickerss!!

Andy and Colleen said...

Whoops, this is SpaceAgeSquirrel just so ya know! :D

GMoss66 said...

Thank you! Everyone loves the stickers! Yay! I loooooove creating them. Plus it's a way to share past great Shop 66 things with everyone.

They'll be in the shop tomorrow.