29 January 2009

Behind with blogging...

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Shop 66 was super busy the past week. When I get on a roll and add things each night, the shop gets BUSY! So I've been quite in my blogging. However, I've kept up with my Doll of the Day duties and flickr photo sharing so you know I'm still around.

I have lots of shop additions I'm currently in the process of taking photos of. However, I'm only half done. I'm hoping to add tonight but I'm super ill today - not sure if it's a cold/stomach virus or just winter allergies. I'm swaying more to the allergies... there's little sprouts all over our yard, green dust over everything and a daffodil bloomed in the front yard yesterday. My immune system is working extra hard dealing with my sensitivity to plant life.

Visit the shop later to see if I've added anything. There's quite a few goodies!

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Jenni said...

found your blog via flickr, I love the nostalgia of all your goodies, lotsa fun.